Swedish Bitter 100ml

Swedish Bitter 250ml

  • "Get in my Belly!"

    Amazing! This stuff really helps my belly when it is queasy. I don't like taking pharmaceuticals, antacids, or other OTC meds, so I tend to reach for digestive enzymes, or betaine hydrochloride when I have stomach distress. However those don't always work. I heard about bitters; did a little reading. Discovered this brand, and it seemed to me to be pretty good based on the reviews, and manufacturing processes; so I decided to give it a try. I'm glad I did. It really helps, and is quickly becoming my "go to" whenever I feel I need a bit of digestive support. Recommended!

    -T. F. (Amazon Customer)

  • "Great product-awful taste"

    This was my first time trying bitters. I chose it because of the high quality ingredients and quite honestly, the positive reviews. The price is a little higher than other brands, but I was willing for a quality product.

    I noticed the difference in my digestion after 1 dose. Bloating and full feeling gone. I now take it faithfully twice a day.
    Grain alcohol is the first ingredient listed, so I assume it has a rather high alcohol content. I very rarely indulge in alcohol, so I do notice the relaxation within minutes of taking it. Only issue is the taste. It is absolutely awful. If this stuff didn't work, I don' think I could tolerate it.

    -Dawn E. (Amazon Customer)

  • "Great Quality Bitters"

    Our family has been using Swedish Balsam for over 15 years. We usually made it ourselves from dry plants. We use it as a remedy for many things such as: for digestion, headaches, toothaches, skin issues etc. It has been a great product for us for many different ailments. I found this product on Amazon and decided to try it out. 

    Really like this product, it came right on time with great packaging and is of great quality. We finished an entire bottle and bought our second one. The seller Opas Soap is a great seller, I have directly purchased many things from them now and I am very pleased with the quality of all of their products. Definitely would recommend this product!

    -Amazon shopper