Swedish Bitter 8.4 fl.oz (250ml)


Swedish Bitter 8.4 fl.oz (250ml) 02834252
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Schwedenbitter is widely known to activate digestive organs, liver, as well as many other organs in the body, in a simultaneously but concordant fashion. As known, most diseases start in the digestive system. If the body cannot digest correctly it will get sick. Using bitters helps stimulate the digestive organs to detox. Swedish bitter does not stop there, it is beneficial for many other complaints.


Swedish Bitters are only as effective as the herbs used to produce the product. Our herbs are directly sourced from an Austrian Pharmaceutical Company that supplies Apothecaries and Pharmacies all over Austria. All ingredients are lab tested for potency and purity.

Grain Alcohol • Herba absinthii • Folium boldo • Lärchenschwamm • Radix gentianae • Radix carlinae • Radix dictamni • Semen myristicae • Herba allii ursini • Radix Rhei • Radix angelicae • Macis • Bolus Rubra • Radix zedoariae • Radix tormentillae • Radix calami • Myrrhae • Camphora Japonica Vera • Crocus sativus • Theriak Mixture

Vegan | Gluten Free | Caffeine Free | Cruelty Free

Swedish Bitter 8.4 fl.oz (250ml)