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Differences in Bitters

In the early publishings of Maria Trebens Book "Apotheke Gottes" she mentioned two recipes of the "Schweden Bitter" den kleinen und grossen Schwedenbitter, the small and the large Swedish bitters. There are quite a few differences, not only in the quantity of the ingredients but also what ingredients that were used.

For example the small Swedish bitter you generally find in stores are with 11 herbs and sometimes in other carrier solutions than alcohol. The key to extract the correct information out of the plants is alcohol. It is a must to have the herbs of swedish bitters to work at full potential.

We purely manufacture the 19 herb Large Swedish Bitter as by a Old Austrian Apothecary Recipe the closest documented source from Paracelsius "Il longum victum" all our herbs are sourced from a licensed Austrian Pharmaceutical Company that supplies pharmacies. Only the purest and highest quality laboratory tested herbs are used.

Our bitters differ from the Maria Trebens 11 herb formula, instead we manufacture the large original swedish bitter with the 19 herb formula. Maria Treben based all of her success using this tincture on the 11 herb formula. On the contrary, most swedish bitters offered in Austria Apothecaries use the large formula.